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Broadband - DSL / Microwave

For years, Internet users have accepted the limitations of traditional dialup modems. Those times are now behind us with the widespread release of broadband technologies such as DSL, Microwave wireless, ISDN and Cable. By connecting with broadband, it brings the Internet to life with faster speeds, no line dropouts, and an "always-on" connection.


A DSL connection provides a dedicated service for businesses. The technology does not compromise speed or security while accessing the Internet. DSL offers a better price/performance ratio than other services such as Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines and Frame Relay or cable.

DSL works by sharing your existing phone line to transmit and receive data. A dedicated DSL modem and line filter is the only hardware you will require on your site. There are no extra call charges from your telephone company like there are for a dialup modem as DSL is a permanent connection.

Benefits of DSL:

  • High speed
  • Reliable
  • No disconnection or dialup delays
  • Shared phone line with fax line
  • Connected permanently
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Secure
  • Performance
  • Wide national coverage*
  • SLA's (Service Level Agreements)
  • Static IP Addresses
  • Suitable for VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Managed installation
  • Fast Downloads
* where DSL is available (some speed and distance limitations may apply)

ADSL speeds available:

  • 256K / 64K
  • 512K / 128K
  • 1.5M / 256K
  • 512K / 512K
  • 2M / 1.5M
  • 6M / 640K

SHDSL speeds available:

  • 512K / 512K
  • 1M / 1M
  • 1.5M / 1.5M
  • 2M / 2M

Microwave Wireless

Microwave provides an excellent alternative to traditional DSL links, ideally suited to the small Businesses to large enterprise that require guaranteed bandwidth for Real-Time application such as voice and video. The benefits of microwave are many, as wireless is a business grade service it is considered superior to DSL by many, faster to install than DSL, easier to upgrade speeds, available in areas where DSL is not available and with speeds of up to 8Mbps.

Benefits of Microwave:

  • Reliable
  • Business Grade
  • No Expensive Customer Equipment
  • Easy Installation (antenna and radio)
  • Ease Of Relocation
  • High Performance
  • No Cables
  • Get Connected In Days Not Weeks

Microwave speeds available:

  • 1M / 1M
  • 2M / 2M
  • 4M / 4M
  • 8M / 8M

Interested in Broadband DSL or Microwave Wireless ?

These high speed DSL and Microwave wireless services are available from Communicat now. To find out more, why not contact us today and see how these great new services can help your business.