Communicat Internet Services

Online Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway is an integral part of any Ecommerce solution. Our alliance with Online payment gateway specialist SecurePay allows us to offer you a complete solution that ensures your business data is kept secure. Now you can accept online orders from the major credit card providers like Visa and Mastercard and your customers can be assured their personal data will be kept secure.

Secure Ecommerce

A secure Ecommerce solution can be a great addition to your physical presence, it provides a low cost way to reach a much wider group of customers. When you do embark on a web online shop project is essential you make sure the security right and use a reputable provider like SecurePay with a proven track record. The Internet can be a hostile place with criminals increasingly targeting websites, ensure that you are able to sleep easy in the knowledge that your and your customers data is protected by using a secure online payment gateway from Communicat and SecurePay.

SSL Encryption

The SecurePay online payment gateway utilise's a 128-bit SSL certificate from VeriSign™, this level of encryption is currently considered unbreakable. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a method of encryption used to secure traffic between web browsers and servers. SSL encrypted traffic is unable to be intercepted by third parties between the client and the server, a private channel is created. SSL certificates are available from a huge range of providers and are in wide use on the internet today.

SecurePay: Online Payment Gateway Solutions

Combining the latest in internet, telephony and banking internet technologies, SecurePay delivers real time secure communications for your company. The SecurePay network processes over $100 Million of credit card transaction per year for its business partners and customers. SecurePay supports all of the major banks and provides 24x7 payment services, including processing of financial transactions in real time.

Secure provides a wide range of services including:

  • Online Payments
  • Pay-by-Phone
  • Direct Entry
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • Periodic & Batching
  • Value-Added Services